Sweet Obnoxious Self

  “A poem from a friend for her loved one.” May 31, 2018 Life once a desert full of dunes Too hot too painful as it burnt Then goodness came i know its planned A beautiful you crossed my land Desert full of dunes too hot to bear Too dry like a place gettin’ no…

Thin Black Sheet of Glass

A black road with tears of sky Drowning down the path once dry, With wheels turning and speeding Yearning God’s hands down praying.  Solitary dark sheets on the sky Looking below this night so high, God on His wonders lift anxieties Fade all worries of uncertainties.  Passed the way once dark and scary God on…

Somewhere, Someday

“Another poem from a friend.” slowly departing from the feeling  until the feeling is gone.. like a voyager missing his home but got diverted  because of the sceneries outside its walls. your walls that I broke walls that I promise to repair  and promises are immune to  changing circumstances.

“My Clandestine Amour”

Things of greatness come to those who wait     Just as when our path once meet     I sit tight for so long to finally meet you     You were so tepid to gaze at me through.  Yearning to cope up with my loneliness      You then came by startle and happiness,       My…


Breath deep,    Breath hard. To you I weep,    Your heart so dark.  Gently whisper,   Love’s not tender.  Pain and struggle,   This for me to handle.  This bitterness,     Seems a happiness.  My passion is a witness,    Amidst this loneliness.


Of kisses that were missed         Along the road. Seems strange to find         Its way back home.. Those feelings          That she was trying to unload. Seems void for         One’s heart should never roam.


The beat stopped The heart died, But thought comes in Missing the feeling.  All of the passing days Keeps haunting deep, But it comes back Like it never left.  I asked the heart How deep was the cut, It said so deep To love and weep.

Hand Hold

Unknown day it comes gracefully All of a sudden a smile just swift, The spotlight may be anyone luckily And just like the waves of sea you drift. Like how time comes fast Our laughter never last, Memories that kissed me by surprise Had me crying at night without a price. Season comes while I…

Love Potion

In my head, words keep passing   Hundreds of reasons that were rushing, Each words tantamount to every emotion   Bittersweet realities holding my position.  In my heart, a picture of you is flaunting   Keeping me awake with you dreaming, Millions of butterflies kissing my soul   You have caught me not in part but whole.  In my…

Bittersweet Love

Breath deep,    Breath hard. To you I weep,    Your heart so dark. Gently whisper,   Love’s not tender. Pain and struggle,   This for me to handle. This bitterness,    Seems a happiness. My passion is a witness,    Amidst this loneliness.